Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Mostly because I was gone a

good part of the time.  Yeah yeah…excuses excuses.

Had some truck problems for one thing.  It did not want to idle when stopped at red light, etc.   Ran some what good at highway speed but was acting funny.  Took it to Ford dealership and left it for then to figure it out.   So, the service guy calls me and didn’t have any good news.  The engine had 190,500 plus miles.  He told me that that was probably the end of the line for that engine.  He said that he could try to fix one thing but putting new parts next to an old one would cause the old one to go out pretty soon.  Said the best fix was to put in a new engine or pay to take it apart and fix it one part at a time.  Dang.   Ok, I made a few calls to friends and got pretty much the same story.  So, I call Ford back and tell them to put in a new motor.  That took about a week and a half to order and get it in and then install it.  New engine purrs more quiet than one of my cats.  Hope it gets the same 190 k miles.  That should out last me.  The Service guy did give me a couple of breaks and made it as easy on me as he could.

I was in the grocery store parking lot last week and started to walk up to the door.  There was on old Ford ,standard cab, and dogs started barking.  I walked up a bit closer and there were five dogs in that cab.  All barking out the window at me.  From the smell I don’t think that any of them was potty trained to stay in a pickup.  I was going to hang around and see who the driver was but time was running out for me to get my shopping list done.  No, they were not all small dogs.

The only thing that I have ever seen or smelled as bad was an old guy from back home.   I worked at my brother’s Texaco station pumping gas.  Wash the windows, check the oil, check the tires and then sweep out the floor board.  So, Arty, the old guy, pulled in one day and I went out a started the gas pump going and washed the windows and the other things and started to open the door to sweep the floor board out.  My brother yells at me to stop and come over to see him. I did and he told me to NEVER open Arty’s door.  I kind of walk around his old pickup and got the reason why.  You see, Arty chewed  tobacco.  In the summer or when the weather was good, he just spit out the window.  The drivers side was plastered with a good two inches of dried tobacco spit.  In the winter when it was cold, he rolled the window up and just spit over on the passenger seat or floor board.  That was the nastiest thing I have ever seen or smelled for a human to get in and drive.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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