Paint Rock Water to be Shut-off briefly on Saturday, January 4, 2020
New Water line will make Paint Rock School and Community Safer

The residents of Paint Rock will be without water part of Saturday, January 4, 2020, while a new water line is established around the school’s new track that is being put in. It will replace the current line that runs just underneath where the new track is being built. The new line will be buried five foot deep and will go along the perimeter of the school’s property from near the football field south to the corner of Guion and Field Street, then east to near the corner of Field and Hall Street, then north to where it will meet up with the existing water line near Hall and Peak streets. All of the new line will be on school property.
The school district is paying for the cost of the by-pass line in order to remove the latest road block to the district’s plan to install a new 8-lane track in Paint Rock. The track could not be built without the new by-pass being installed because the existing pipes are too close to the surface and there were justifiable concerns that the existing pipe might be broken or smashed during the construction of the track or might breach after the track was installed. If the track were put in place first, and then the pipe broke, the city might have to dig up part of the track. No one would want that to happen and it would be extremely expensive. Moving or by-passing the water line before construction begins is the best practical choice.
The project requires that the new water lines meet with established codes throughout the State of Texas for such projects. This means that the new water lines will be buried five foot deep and that two new fire hydrants will be installed near the school. This in turn will make the school and this part of the community safer in the event of a fire.
Residents of Paint Rock will also benefit from the upgraded line. Currently, when there is a major water leak anywhere along the city’s water lines, the city shuts down the entire town of Paint Rock. This new line will have regulators on the line to keep this from taking place. Once the new line is installed, if there is a water leak on the north side of the town the water there can be shut-off without the water to the school having to be shut down as well. This should keep the school from having to try and tell the 240+ students to “just hold it” and not use the restrooms while the city fixes the pipes. It will also maintain a water supply for the fire department to use in the event the existing water lines are down and there is a fire. During times when others in town are without water for multiple days, this will also give citizens a means of getting water and even taking showers at the school.
The city has applied for a grant to upgrade part of the city’s existing water lines including adding new lines, regulators, and fire hydrants but their efforts to get grants in the past have not been successful. Everyone hopes they are successful with their latest efforts. The city is still awaiting word whether it will get its grant or not. The grant would not cover the school’s project anyway. And the school district is proceeding quickly with its latest project to improve the school for the students and the community.
The exact time that the water will be shut down on Saturday, January 4, 2020, is not presently known, but it will be back up as soon as possible.

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