Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here. This time I was here all week so I speak with authority.  At least with a lot of confidence.  We have had a couple of nights down in the low 20’s .  Cold nights don’t bother me.  I wrap up in my electric blankie like a big burrito and snooze away.   This morning I went to the kitchen sink to get water to make coffee.  Whoosh.   No water.  I was about to panic and go crawl under the house and Judy stopped me.  Said to call the neighbors and see if they had water.  Much easier than crawling under the house to see if it was flooding.  A few years back, Phillip Davis had an event.  For some reason his hot water heater was under the house.  Neve did get a reasonable explanation of that one but the thing it it froze and burst the pipes.  He had to wait to get someone to come cut out the floor in his hallway and drag all that out.  I think that he had the guy install the new one under the house.  Never did understand that old guy. Anyway, I called and the only person to answer the phone was at the post office.  The lady there said that she would go check. Came back to the phone and advised yes, she was also without water.

About a half hour later I went to the post office to get the mail and a  block down the road at that old gas station there were two men.  One on the back hoe digging way down.  The other guy was down in the hole, waist deep in water doing something.  On days like this, those guys don’t get paid enough for that.   After another  hour the water at the house came back on.  Now I can have coffee. At lest it wasn’t on Christmas day.

A while back a couple of kittens were dropped off here at my house.  They were sleeping over in John Moroni’s shed but coming over here to eat.  John said that he wanted to cats to stay over there and chase the mice or what ever.  So I got some cat food and placed where John said that he had seen them, on the stacked fire wood under the shed.  I also put a bowl for water.

Success!  The food and water began to be consumed and they have not been coming over to my house to eat.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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