Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  For a couple of days I thought that spring might be here.  It was warm and sunny and light breeze.  Nope.  It all went away in a cold rain.  We did get a good amount of rain.  I failed to empty the rain guage and it overflowed so I am now sure about how much we got on any one day. At least we don’t have to deal with the monster storm moving across the North Eastern US.  Some of those folks are in a heap of trouble.

There are rescue crews out trying to evacuate people and to restore power.

On a Saturday afternoon, Judy and I went to our friend Darlene’s birthday party.  It was her 75th.  Just a young’un as I admitted to the week before turning a ripe 80 years young.   The party was well attended by friends , relatives, children, grand children, great grand children.  The punch was good and there was plenty of cookies and cake to go around.  Had a good time visiting.

Our neighbors from Louisiana, John and Nancy Moroni, are here for a few days.  John brought  his hunting dogs with the intent to do some bird hunting.  The first two day here it has been raining.  Maybe tomorrow it will clear up.

I noticed that the dogs didn’t bark at me when I walked up.  I asked John about that and he told me that they were trained to not bark. I thought that when hunting birds you would want them to bark.  No, their job is to point.

That is all. I wonder if he has the time to go around town and teach some of these local dogs to not bark.

Always enjoy an afternoon spent with John and just lean back and tell stories.

And he usually cooks up a big pot of beans that are good enough to have a fight for a serving. Said that he brought some bass to fry up also.  Told him to just let me know when.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County,

Talpa Bob

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