With 100% of the precincts reporting in the Paint Rock School mock Presidential Primary elections, here are the results:

Republican Primary


Donald Trump (incumbent)                           56 votes               (Winner)

All other candidates combined                    11 votes

U.S. Senator

               Dwayne Stovall                                               23 votes               (Winner)

               Virgil Bierschwale                                           12 votes

               John Cornyn (incumbent)                              10 votes

               John Castro                                                        9 votes

               Mark Yancey                                                      5 votes

U.S. Representative

               August Pfluger                                                 17 votes               (Winner)

               Robert Tucker                                                 13 votes

               Ned Luscombe                                                  7 votes

               Casey Gray                                                         7 votes

               All other candidates total                             23 votes

Texas State Representative

Drew Darby                                                      34 votes               (Winner)

Lynette Lucas                                                  22 votes

Concho County Sheriff

               Chad Miller (incumbent)                 39 votes               (Winner)

               Don Moore                                                      16 votes

Concho County Commissioner, Precinct 1

               Tommy Wright                                                24 votes               (Winner)

               Billy Alexander                                                19 votes

               Trey Bradshaw                                                17 votes

Concho County Constable

               Stephen Jones                                                 35 votes               (Winner)

               Ricky Thomas                                                  24 votes

Democratic Primary


               Michael Bloomberg                                       10 votes               (Winner)

               Bernie Sanders                                                  8 votes

               Cory Booker                                                      4 votes

               Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente                         3 votes

               Julian Castro                                                      2 votes

               Tulsi Gabbard                                                    1 vote

               Amy Klobuchar                                                  1 vote

               Joseph R. Biden                                                 1 vote

               All of candidates                                               0 votes

U.S. Senator

               Royce West                                                       7 votes               (Tie)

               Serma Hernandez                                             7 votes               (Tie)

               Anne “Mama” Garcia                                      6 votes

               All other candidates combined                    10 votes

U.S. Representative

               Jon Mark Hogg                                                unopposed          (Winner)

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