Like many people I have been sitting here thinking about how terrible the turn of events that our country is going through has been. Not only for the numbers of sick and the amount of lives lost or the businesses ruined and put on the ropes, but for the young lives thrown in to turmoil. There is no way for any of us to know what this years Senior class is feeling. After four or more years dedicating themselves to a craft. Looking forward to their final competitions in front of family and friends. It is increasingly looking like this is the end of the school year as we know it and these student-athletes careers at the high school level are over. Coach Chelsy Lipsey pointed me in the direction of an idea that I would like to emulate.

Any high school seniors from Ballinger, Miles, Winters, Olfen, Paint Rock, or Bronte that competed in any Spring extra-curricular I am giving you an open forum.

Take a few moments to collect your memories and your emotions. Take some time to reflect on your four years as a high school student academic and/or athlete. Write it all out in a letter. Double-check your letter for spelling and punctuation. I do not want to have to edit your letter and change your message in any way. This is your chance to reflect on your high school career like you would on a senior board. After you do that, find a picture or two. Find a picture that you feel best sums up your high school career. After you’ve done all of that, email them to me at You may also send them to your coach or sponsor to email to me.
If you don’t want to participate, that is perfectly fine. I know this is an emotional time with a lot of confusion and heartbreak. I want to give you an outlet. We can’t replace the missed games or time with teammates that is now lost, but we can do this. We can’t replace the stage performances or the livestock shows, but we can do this.

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