Hello to All:

It has been  a quiet week out here. Until that massive thunderstorm that was promised a week or so ago got here.   We had rolling thunder that was shaking the windows.  Watched sheet lightning from one horizon to the opposite side.   Neighbor John said this was called “Southern Lights”.  It was pretty to watch but I was proud it didn’t get very close.  Rained all night and my rain guage caught 2 ¾ “ .  That should do us for a while.  At least to next Thursday or so.

I have a couple of cats and John has a couple over at his place next door.  I feed them all.  I think.  Sometimes I suspect one of them brought a friend.  Anyway, I notice my smaller cat, Tobi, was missing dinner time.  She was coming in late and had bird feathers stuck to her chin.  Looked like dove feathers.  Ok, if that is what you want.  I am not buying you a license.  She has always been a bit on the wild side. Starting when she was maybe six months old she would take off and spend a night out and come in the next day.  I ask her, “Where have you been?”.  She replies, “You wouldn’t understand. “  Her mother was a pretty cat that also looked to have some wild cat in her.  She has made a kill and brought it to me and leave it on the porch step.  “Thanks for the grackle.”  One time she caught one of the roadrunners and brought it to me , still alive, in her mouth.  I made her give it to me and then fed her some of the canned stuff that she likes.  I took the roadrunner way out back and had a talk with it.  Told her , this is the deal.  You stay back and I will make the cats leave you alone.  You can have all the snakes and lizards you can catch.  Then I feed the cats all they need and don’t need the birds for feed.  Except, I think Tobi still likes the thrill of the hunt.  I think she can handle rattlesnakes.  So, between the roadrunners and the cats, I have not seen a snake near the house in a few years.

So It goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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