Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  The jillions of grasshoppers seem to have moved off.  I guess it got too hot for them.  Last weekend I went to visit my second oldest son, David, and his family.  He left the city life in Round Rock and moved out in the country. It is quiet.  No traffic at all to speak of on that FM road.  The youngest boy, Colton, is 14 years old now and has a new career, mowing those acres and acres.   I don’t know for sure how big it is, I am just proud that I don’t have to do the mowing.  The lady of the house , Carrie, presented us a boiled shrimp dinner and crawfish, corn on the cob, dirty rice and little potatoes, apple and cherry pie.  Sure was good.

Last week I mentioned a couple of good old boys from West Texas.  One was named Billy and the other Jimmy.  After high school, they both enlisted in the Navy.  They were sent to San Diego together for basic training.  Some where along in there Jimmy came up broke.  So, he borrowed $20 from his buddy Billy.  He promised to pay it back as soon as he could.  Well, a week or so passed and the Navy packed the boys up and sent them in different directions.  Time passes and a couple of years go by.  The guys didn’t see or hear from each other.  Then it came to be that a troop ship picked up some sailors from the South Pacific, Hawaii and Alaska.  Every one finds a bunk and what do you know.  Billy and Jimmy were next to each other.  The first thing

Jimmy said was, yeah, yeah, I know.  Where is your $20. They had a little laugh and sure enough Jimmy had a $20 on him which he presented with a thank you speech and great flourish.  The thing is, it was just a chance meeting that will probably never happen again.  Neither guy was going back home.  They both had reenlisted and would probably never meet again.  As it happened, each ran into other mutual friends and told the story. So the story got passed around but I don’t have any information of the two ever meeting again.

I forgot to mention that the little birds that have the mud ball nest up under my carport are back. I think that they are called Chimney Swifts.  The funny part is that there are  5 or 6 adults for each nest.  The momma and poppa and 2 or 3 grown up chicks from last summer come back with them.  They help feed the new group.  I don’t know what their rule is, maybe come help feed one year and then you are free to mate up and build your own nests.

Judy just finished her third week of Physical Therapy and is walking much better. So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa  Bob

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