Hello To All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  So hot the gnats couldn’t buzz.

Friday topped off at 106º.  Another week or two and the heat should be on the way down.

Judy and I went to Oklahoma for a few days.  This is finally after delays from the COVID 19 delays and trying to decide who was telling the best way to handle it.  I don’t think they know.  On the internet today there was one expert who sez that one person can not transmit the disease to another person.  Several opinions about the effectiveness of different mask.  This is going to take a while to sort all of this out.  Rather than waste the whole summer, we decided to travel anyway.  We had no problem anywhere.  We got to make up about 3 birthdays plus Judy’s.  It was a birthday party every day.  The great grands were really in the groove and we didn’t have a bit of trouble.  There were times that I kept all three of them and we had fun.  I cleared the driveway of cars and we had a soccer game played with a rather small basket ball.  At first on foot then we got the tricycles  into the act.  The smallest one, Bubba can’t ride a tricycle, his legs are still a little short.  However there was a little four wheel thing that he could sit on and I pushed.  Worked pretty good.  Then I organized a few drag races.  Bubba and I didn’t win any but we had a good time.  All of this effort was rewarded with snacks for all.  There wasn’t any fussing or fighting or any problems, and that was with just me being in charge.  One day Bubba and I were on our own and Judy took the two girls to Oklahoma City for some shopping for school clothes.  We had brought two toys especially for Bubba.  A little dump truck and a road grader.  Up to this point the only cars he had were the little 2” matchbox size cars.  The dump truck was big enough for him lean over and push it fast as he could go.  Taught him how to use the grader to get up a good pile of rocks and load the dump truck.  Then he would take off running it up and down the drive way.  That little Tonka  truck must have had 500 miles put on it in those few days.  That was good therapy for a grumpy old guy, me.

Then we came back to Texas, but not in a hurry.  We stopped by an old cometary and looked up some of her sister’s in-laws.   We threw away old flowers and advised her sister, Peggy, that she need to come out with some new flowers (plastic).  We did go by the college where Peggy worked and said “hello” and that was about all the time she had as she was working.

The main thing that you notice driving from OK to TX is the OK pastures on each side of the road are green.  Get past the Red River in to Texas and all there is dry grass/weeds, not much at all for wild flowers.

I think that we got back to Talpa about 6:30pm and were ok.  Well, a little stiff but stand up and walk around for a little while and it was okay.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of  Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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