According to the information that popped up on my computer today, 400 years ago on this date the Mayflower set sail. This historical event led to many more ships traveling to America. Remembering history is not just interesting. It isn’t just a collection of dates and facts. History is significant when you take the facts and include the purposes and intentions of the people in history. Whatever the motives, expectations and goals by those who set sail this day in history four centuries ago were, it has had a profound influence upon Western Civilization.
It is troubling to me that we have a movement in our land that wants to remove the record of our past history. By removing names and monuments, it does not in any way alter historical fact, nor does it do away with any of the influence that has come from the motives and actions of people. The agenda to remove the evidence of American history is completely impossible.
Remembering history of all kinds is educational and helpful. We should not look back to history to just condemn, criticize and judge. A walk down memory lane can prevent a repeat of something that was tragic, inhuman and cruel. The Holocaust serves as an example. We would never want this mass slaughter of European civilians and especially Jews under the German Nazi regime. Millions were enslaved and executed from 1941-1945. Trying to erase such a horror history of humanity would open the door for ignorance to give rise for evil powers to do the same once again. Consider the loss of human lives to stop such an evil slaughter!  We continue to write history every day. I am sure that if the world remains very long that American history will tell others about the millions of unborn babies that were murdered by the abortionists. It will tell how the Christian values were rejected. Marriage became insignificant. The sexualperversions were accepted and the moral conscience became depraved.
Humanity is broken and fallen. We need the direction of the Bible. Our holy God speaks to us and gives us what is right and wrong. To keep us following closely to His moral righteousness we must accept His Word. Every Sunday, Christians remember Jesus for what He did for humanity about 2,000 years ago. Jesus gave His life to save ours. We need to remember this historical fact. God forbid that it be forgotten or depleted by tearing down all symbols of the Cross of Calvary.
“Do this in remembrance of Me.” Luke 22:19  “For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes.”     I Cor. 11:26
Max Pratt

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