by Chad McDuffee

I’m not sure how much people appreciate the Treadmill and all they do. The ladies there provide almost all athletic wear for our town. From High School all the way down to the youngest of youth sports. On top of this they provide spirit wear for people all over the local area.

Every year while planning for the Justin Byler Memorial Day 5k, Jodie takes the time to sit down with me as we mull through design choices. They take orders, produce and distribute hundreds of T-shirts for it without taking any profit. And this on top of their day to day work.

For YMCA football again Jodie sat down with me as we looked through catalog after catalog looking for the right jerseys. Then after finding the perfect ones they put everything on the team name, player names and numbers. I’m convinced we would have had to pay twice as much to get them from somewhere else and without the same level of service that was provided here.

This is just one of the local businesses that go above and beyond to get you what you need. They will never be too busy to provide you with the help you need, no matter the task. They are a great business to have here in Ballinger providing us with outstanding service for many years and hopefully many to come.

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