Hello To All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Mostly just driving Judy to San Angelo to Dr. appointments and back.  But the last one was worth it.  It was a shot for pain in the lower back and legs.  All fixed up now and can get in and out of that pickup much easier.  May have to go get me a shot.  What I really need is a shot that keeps me on my feet and not trip up so much.

Last Sunday I went over to Mrs Mary’s house and had lunch with Judy and Mary.  Mary is an older lady that Judy sits with on weekends.  We had company, a friend of Mary, Julia and her dog Calvin.  Calvin is a big Boxer.

He has a very large head and mouth and is in top physical shape.  At first you think of all the times that you have heard that a boxer is a vicious dog and you can’t trust them.  It is my opinion that an owner can make a dog vicious or well mannered.  Calvin is a gentle giant.  He goes directly to Mary’s dog, Madison, to say hello.  Then he goes around to say “Hello” to everyone in the house.  Julia was telling us of one time that it came about that they were someplace and there were a lot of puppies, 8 or 9.  Calvin immediately became the nursemaid.  Keep them all in the same room at least.  If one got off too far he would go over and gently pick it up in his mouth and bring it over to the rest of the group. He would lick the puppies and was very affectionate.  He could have just as easily swollowed one whole.  I petted him some but he really liked the back scratched  better.  Calvin had good manners and would go over by the back door and wait to be let outside. When it was time to come back in, he bumps his big old head on the door and knock to come back in.  Julia said that she has always had boxers and never had any trouble. When I was growing up, I never did have much luck keeping a dog.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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