Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  The weather is not at an extreme either way.  Thinking we should have nice weather for Turkey Day.

I am not sure that we will be traveling this year or not.  We have to acknowledge the covid19 and all the warnings out and what to do or not to do.  I am thinking that if I err, do it in being over cautious.

There are a lot of people dying that may have pushed their luck too far.  One doctor was saying that the mask don’t really do any good.

He thinks that just not getting into a group of 10 or 20 people , with no mask and everyone not hugging and kissing cheeks will do it.

The virus don’t care if you are in church or not.

A few days ago Judy had a near bad experience.  It was on Monday and we were in San Angelo for a doctor’s appointment.   We went early to get a few things at Sam’s.  We had the time so we went to a restaurant for lunch.  Judy had the sirloin steak and I had catfish.

We were just watching the people and talking and eating .  I looked up and Judy wasn’t doing anything. She put her hand up to her throat but wasn’t making choking sounds. She pushed her plate away

and I was trying to figure out what was wrong.  In the booth next to us were a man, his son and his wife.  The lady asked Judy, “Do you need some help?”   Judy was shaking her head yes.  The man stood up just as Judy stood up and he went behind her and reached around her and applied the heimerlich maneuver.  He picked Judy up off the floor and brought his fist in and up. He was shaking her like a rag doll.  It took three times and Judy coughed up a piece of steak that had been stuck in her throat.

I had no idea that she was choking .   Judy sat down and in a few minutes she was ok.  Had the lady in the next booth, Becky, not recognized that Judy was choking, it would have been a bad situation.  Had her husband, Russ Wallace , not been a huge guy and know what to do, it would have been bad.   I could not have picked Judy up and perform the heimerlich maneuver even one time.

I don’t think that anyone else in the restaurant knew what was going on except a waitress.   Do any of you believe that God places people in a certain place to perform a certain act?  What if Becky just kept her head down and eating she would not have noticed Judy choking.

Becky said they almost didn’t come to Dunbar that day.  I thanked Becky and Russ and their son, Caleb for being there and knowing what to do and doing it with out asking any questions.  Russ was a humble guy and said that he was glad that he could help.  I went over to the waitress and asked her to put  their lunch bill on mine.  Other than telling them over and over

“thank you”, what else could I do? This is the type of experience you hope doesn’t happen but if it does, please God, please have people like Becky and Russ and Caleb around to prevent a terrible ending

from happening.

Talpa Bob

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