A huge change has taken place in my lifetime in regards to respecting others. Early on in my life, I was taught to be very respectful in my speech to others. My yes or no to an adult was always to be followed with sir or ma’am. That is only one example of the kind of behavior that was expected of me from my parents. Other folks needed to be treated with the respect that Jesus would expect of us.
For many years now the movie industry and television production has made it okay for people to totally disrespect others. Which I am sure has planted such behaviors in our minds.

      I have been very thankful for the commercials that have demonstrated people passing forward kindnesses. I think that is in harmony with everything that Jesus has taught us about living under the righteousness of God.

      I believe we are witnessing the results of a society that has rejected God’s instruction about the way we treat one another. It is not surprising that we have so much bullying going on today. The atmosphere that has been accepted for far too long has taught people to be self-centered and conceited. It has demanded that everyone tolerate everyone and whatever everyone wants to do.
Bullies have been around all my life, but bullying really hasn’t been tolerated that long. It seems to me that what has been advocated for everyone develops the right for bullies to be bullies.
I agreed with an article that told of people being bullied because of their lifestyles. That should not be happening. But I completely disagreed with the article about what they claimed was truth. Facts were being presented that were unfounded to support lifestyles that Jesus condemns. I cannot respect nor accept lifestyles that are so very ungodly. Jesus would not have accepted nor does He tolerate the sinfulness of mankind. At the very same time, Jesus died for all sinners so that all sinners can be forgiven.
“Do not repay evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. If it is possible,  as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone……” Rom. 12:17-…..     Max

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