Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here. Had a few days that would pass for spring. Then about mid afternoon the wind would start up and remind you it was still winter.

I was wanting to have all the information on those old dog tags ready to list for you in this weeks column. Well, those plans got pretty much put back. I thought that I would just get an old tooth brush and scrub some of the dirt off. Ha..They are not all made of the same metal and not the same type set imprinting the names, etc. Then they have a hard crust. Been on a long time. Probably the mud, blood and sweat of the owner. I don’t want to damage them so I am taking it slow. If I put comet on them and scrubbed them, I would probably erase what is left of the names.

I do have:

Saul Weitzman,

Joseph B luitkevich

2 lt Keith M PIckel. Buried in Ardennes, France, maybe from Michigan

That is all I have for now. Looking for a cleansing agent that won’t

take more than the dirt off. The metal is really thin in spots.

There are holes in some of the tags that just rusted through them.

So, just soaking them in water may not be a good idea. I will keep looking at them and try to gently take the mud off.

So that is the way it goes out in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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