Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Snowflakes don’t make much noise crashing down.   Got cold , I tell ya.  I have lived in Texas many decades and have never witnessed such a cold spell.  There are many stories of no heat, no power, no water, burst water pipes and several other inconveniences.  Being stuck in driveway.  That was my second oldest son.  His driveway is on an incline and it was too icy to backup.  He also had no lights.  Well,  we all made it through some how. There were some sad stories of persons who didn’t make it.  Let that be a warning to the rest of us to do more prep before the next winter storm.  No one knows when that will be , so better be ready just in case.

I did get a laugh or two.  I was watching two of those chickens I told you about trying to get through 4” snow with their little short legs.

They hopped and jumped and thrashed around but they made it to my patio.  I had put some old popcorn out for them.   They liked it.

Remember that old tom cat that showed up ?  Can’t see much and I was calling him Pea Eye.   Well, he came up on the porch and was mooching off Angel’s dish.  I said here is your own bowl.  Then I sort of pushed him that was and the little stink turned and bit me.  Bit me on the middle finger of right hand.  I whapped him on the top of his head.  Then I went inside and washed it with hot water and soap.

Then I called Judy.  She told me to get over to the  ER and right now.

Ok, I didn’t think it that serious  but old Pea is not a well cat.  His eyes are gummy and runny.  He has a runny nose and I have seen blood coming out of his nose.  Went to the ER and was checking in and the lady asked what my problem was.  I told her a cat bite.  She started shoo me off and I told her that it was a feral cat and had health problems.  Took me right in and sat me down.  We washed it again and she put on an antiseptic and those small strips that stick

and hold the cut closed.  Then the Dr. gave me a tetanus shot and a prescription for an antibiotic.   The Dr. said that he had to report all animal bites to the sheriff.  Said that the sheriff’s department would be calling me.  This is to get the animal and make sure it is not rabid.

I don’t think he is but I am not willing to take that chance.  So, I have a live trap outside the door with food in it.  Just a matter of time before he walks in.  The  finger was very sore, swollen, and I can not grip with right hand.  That finger is straight out for now.  Okay, that was on Saturday and now on Sunday the swelling is down some.  The soreness is less but I still can’t bend it.  I will catch old Pea Eye and let the sheriff’s department come out and put little hand cuffs on him and probably a muzzel and take him to Animal Control to determine if he has rabies.   I have probably had a thousand cat scratches and bites and this is the first one that caused me a problem.  Let ya know next week how it goes.

So it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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