Ballinger Track had their first meet of the season last Thursday and had an impressive showing as all four teams finished first overall. The LadyCat Junior Varsity absolutely dominated bringing in 257 points bringing in 12 first place finishes in 16 events. 

In the 100M dash Kira Garcia took 1st, Emma Harrison took 2nd and Christy Zhuang took 4th. The 200M dash was Abigail Herrera in 1st, Mikaela Conzalez 2nd, Stephanie Rangel 4th and Gabi Santiago 5th. While Chloe Reyes was 3rd in the 400M. Alissah Landeros was 2nd in the 1600M run and 1st in the 3200 M with Ninet Galindo taking 2nd in the 3200M. The 100M hurdles had Piper McBrayer in 3rd, Emma Rutledge in 4th and Caysen Collier in 5th while the 300M hurdles saw Megan Booher in 1st with Emma Rutledge taking 3rd.  All three relay races were first place finishes for the JV girls. The 4×100 team of Emma Harrison, Kira Garcia, Mikaela Gonzalez and Christy Zhuang; the 4×200 team of Stephanie Rangel, Kira Garcia, Megan Booher and Christy Zhuang; the 4×400 team of Stephanie Rangel, Emma Harrison, Mikaela Gonzalez and Megan Booher. 

Field events had 1st place finishes for Ballinger in all but one event. Placing in the Long Jump was Christy Zhuang 1st, Stephanie Rangel 2nd, and Emma Rutledge 4th. For Shot Put Jasmine Patino was 1st, Kati King 2nd and Stephanie Martinez 5th. Discus was Stephanie Martinez 2nd, Abigail Herrera 3rd and Kati King 6th. Finishing 1st and 2nd in the Triple Jump was Megan Booher and Stephanie Rangel while Christy Zhuang took first in the High Jump and Emma Harrison was 1st in the Pole Vault. 


Boys Junior Varsity led with 194 points with eight 1st place finishers. The 100M dash was Johnny Wheeler 3rd, Abel Martinez 4th, Miguel Rangel 6th. In the 200M dash Johny Wheeler was 3rd and Abel Martinez 4th. Johnny Wheeler was able to take 1st in the 400M dash with Abel Martinez coming in 3rd and Hadan Coy in 5th. Evan Busenlehner was 1st in the 800M run and 2nd in the 1600M run while Sergio Rangel took 4th. In the 3200 M run Damien Ornalez took 1st with Sergio Rangel coming 2nd.  Miguel Rangel was 2nd in the 300M hurdles. The relay team of Peyton Harris, Jeremiah Bullingor, Noah Peacock and Hayden Foster had themselves an evening as they took 1st in the 4×100, 4×200 and 4×400 relays. For field events Miguel Rangel was 4th in the long jump. Robert Roman led the field in shot put with a 1st place finish while Dakota Falcon was 2nd, Dominic Flores 4th and Bryson Klein 6th. In the Discus Robert Roman was again 1st with Bryson Klein coming in 3rd. 


Varisty girls finished with 228 points overall and eight 1st place finishers. In the 100M dash Alyssa Aguero took 4th and Grace Hoelscher 5th. Alyssa Aguero was able to take 1st in the 200M dash while in the 400M dash Danielle Pena took 1st and Emma Perkins took 4th. Kendall Smith took 1st in the 3200M run and the 1600M run with Ema’Leigh Rosser coming in 4th. In the 100M hurdles Annabelle Reed was 2nd and Skyla Hostetter also finished 2nd in the 300M hurdles. Finishing 2nd in the 4x100M relay was Alyssa Aguero, Emma Perkins, Skyla Hostetter and Grace Hoelscher; 3rd in the 4×200 relay was Addison Martin, Jillian Halfmann, Annabelle Reed and Danielle Pena; 1st in the 4x400was Danielle Pena, Jillian Halfmann, Annabelle Reed and Addison Martin. Long jump had Emma Perkins, Skyla Hostetter and Addison Martin finish 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Alexia Villarreal took 1st in the shot put and Brianna Herrera took 4th. Chelsea Martinez, Alexia Villarreal and Briana Herrera took 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the discus. Triple jump was Annabelle Reed, Addison Martin and Jillian Halfmann in 2nd 3rd and 4th and high jump saw Emma Perkins, Haven Harper and Annabelle Reed also 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Pole Vault was a sweep as Jessa McIntyre took 1st, Jillian Halfmann took 2nd and Grace Hoelscher was 3rd. 



Boys Varsity took ten 1st place finsihers with 209 total team points. The 200M dash was JoeMarcus Guerrero in 1st, Landen Landers in 2nd and Luke Rollwitz in 4th. Luke also finished 3rd in the 400M dash. The 800M run Bryce Sallee was 2nd and Aden Zavala was 4th. In the 1600 M run Javion Zavala finished 1st, Aden Zavala 4th and Bryce Sallee 6th. Javion also finished 1st in the 3200M run. The 110M hurdles was a 1st place finish for Dylan Hostetter, while the 300M hurdles was Weston Rollwitz in 1st. The 4×200 relay team of JoeMarcus Guerrero, Gavin Martinez, Landen Landers and Weston Rollwitz  finished 1st, as did the 4×400 team of JoeMarcus Guerrero, Dylan Hostetter, Gavin Martinez and Bryce Sallee. Long jump was Dylan Hostetter in 1st and JoeMarcus Guerrero in 2nd. Shot Put was Markus Castleberry in 2nd, Bryce Foster in 3rd and Adam Winn in 4th. Discus was a 1st for Garrett Dixon, 2nd for Markus Castleberry and 4th for Adam Winn. Triple Jump was JoeMarcus Guerrero in 1st with Dylan Hostetter 2nd and Landen Landers took 2nd in the high jump. 


Congratulations to all participants! 

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