“I Will Not Be a Victim of This Disease”

CISCO, Texas—The Cisco community is stepping up to support 43-year-old Robert “Dion” Fink in the fight of his life. Dion is living with a life-changing auto-immune illness, but he is determined to fight back and regain a chance for a healthier future with a kidney transplant.

Dion was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease granulomatosis with polyangiitis (also called GPA or Wegener’s) in 2006. The diagnosis causes the swelling of the blood vessels, potentially impacting the sinuses, lungs, and kidneys and causing fatigue, joint pain, respiratory issues, and other health concerns. There is no known cause or cure. Dion’s health remained relatively stable until 2019, when a disease flair-up caused massive damage to his kidneys and profound hearing loss in both ears.

“I should have died three times by now,” Dion explained, “but I belive that God has a plan for me. I am in the midst of fighting back. I will not be a victim of this disease.”

To live a healthy life, Dion needs a kidney transplant—but there’s a problem. The out-of-pocket costs associated with the diagnosis are overwhelming and out-of-reach. That’s why he has started a tax-deductible and medically verified fundraising campaign with the nonprofit Help Hope Live at: https://helphopelive.org/campaign/18492/

Dion has lived in the Cisco community all his life, raised by Gary and Judy Fink (also of Cisco). He works at Great Western Dining at Cisco College and plays drums at Kingdom Builder’s Fellowship in Eastland, Texas.

Online donations can be made at any time. The next in-person fundraiser is a Barbecue Sandwich Brown Bag Lunch on Sunday, June 27. Purchase a large BBQ brisket sandwich, a bag of chips, and a can of soda or bottle of water for a suggested donation of $10. Pickup and payment at Grimes Gardens (309 W Main Street, Eastland, TX) between 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. or while supplies last. Credit and debit cards are accepted in addition to cash or check.

Special thanks to generous local sponsors Eastland Community Foundation, Fink Smokeworks, and Eastland Kingdom Builder’s Fellowship. Get more information on the fundraiser by contacting Dion at dionfink@yahoo.com or 254-433-2326.

Can’t attend? Make a donation at any time at https://helphopelive.org/campaign/18492/

Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, and all funds raised will be managed by the nonprofit to cover verified medical and related expenses. Help Hope Live verifies medical and financial need for every patient.

Help Hope Live is a national nonprofit that specializes in engaging communities in secure, tax-deductible fundraising campaigns for people who need a transplant or are affected by a catastrophic injury or illness. Since 1983, campaigns organized by Help Hope Live have raised over $150 million to pay patient expenses.

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