Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Which isn’t all bad.  I am going to  Brownwood to get my cats , Angel and Tobi, their shots.  Angel always gets upset  for a few days after this event.  Tobi just wants to be fed.

The  feral cat that I call Peaeye  has not been around for a few days.  Don’t know if he found a home or if something happened to him.

I will keep a look out for him.  The thing is, he doesn’t have any shots and I don’t really want him mixing too much with my kids.

Nothing to say about the weather that has not already been reported.

If you live in Texas and it is summer, expect it to be hot.  I was reading somewhere that a guy in Oregon was complaining about 97º weather.

I started to reply but , it won’t change that guy’s perception of what heat really feels like.  Which brings to mind.  You see the signs beside the road, right before a bridge.  It says “Bridge may freeze in cold weather”.  I think they should add a sign right below it that says,

“In Hot Weather the bridge may melt and run off the road”

That happens further out west where the highways are mostly black top and it melts.   I have seen it bubble up and make ridges.  That night it cools enough that the road now has ridges.  They are permanent.

Until the hwy. dept. comes out and rolls over it or something.  Usually they left as it was.  You just had to be aware and not go over it too fast.

Judy and I are packing up the truck to make another trip to Oklahoma.

Over the 4th we were there for a birthday party for one of the great grands.  The next weekend there was to be another party and have a smimming pool for them to splash around in, and a pony about the size for little kids to ride on. The weather was bad or something and that weekend was called off. So, this next weekend was deemed to look good and the party is back on.  I asked if I get to ride the pony.  They said my feet would drag so, no. Maybe they will let me be the lifeguard.    Should be good weather for the trip to and back.

It may get a bit warm.  Next week I will tell you all about the party.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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