Harold W. Mueller passed away in his sleep on August 2, 2021.  Harold was born on September 14, 1927, to Walter & Mary (Jilek) Mueller in Moulton, (Lavaca County), Texas.  He grew up in a humble family during the great depression and often talked about how he began working with his father as a young child, having to learn English so he could attend school and not having shoes until he was in the 7th grade.  In 1944, Harold graduated from Ballinger High School, and continued working in his father’s sheet metal shop until he enlisted in the US Army, serving in the Counterintelligence Corps. Upon completion of his active duty, he continued his military service in the Ballinger National Guard Infantry as a Master Sergeant, giving him a combined total of 24 years of military service.  After completing active duty, he returned to Ballinger to once again work with his father and younger brother, James, in the family steel business that subsequently became known as Mueller Supply Company,  “The Bargain House of West Texas”.  Harold and James, working together, considered themselves most fortunate as they were able to expand the business into a successful well known international steel company.  This business was eventually sold, but Harold loved to work – retirement was not his objective – so he and his wife, Margaret, began, and eventually developed, a premier business center in San Angelo, located on US Hwy 67N, known as Chaparral Commercial Center.  Although he continued to oversee this operation until he was no longer able to meet the physical demands of maintaining the premises, he never lost interest in this project as well as others he had hopes of accomplishing.

Harold considered his most valuable educational experience to be the skills he learned from his father, as well as his extensive opportunity to travel the world, learning about different lives and cultures.  His goal was to travel to every country on the globe, and, although he visited well over 100 countries, and some of them multiple times, he was not able to fulfill that desire.  He considered his vast life-time travel experiences among his most treasured memories: they have always been regarded as most interesting, captivating and informative to those he shared them with.


Harold was preceded in death by his parents, brother James, and one son, Michael.  He is survived by his wife, Margaret; his son, Fred (Wendee); his daughter, Mary (Dale) Smith; son Earl (Michelle) Weber; and son Chris Weber, and a legacy of grandchildren and great grandchildren, as well as numerous nieces, nephews and other relatives.


A memorial service in honor of Harold will be held at 1 PM, August 21st, 2021, at Lange Funeral Home in Ballinger, Texas.  Any donations in his honor should be made to your favorite charity.

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