When it comes to someone in Ballinger that goes above and beyond for others you need to look no further than Jodie Halford. One of the Ballinger youths biggest supporters and someone who is always there when called upon. Diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2021 Jodie underwent chemotherapy without hardly a complaint. She still managed to show up to work more often than not to make sure that the local youth were outfitted in the nicest uniforms the teams and leagues could afford. She did this all with a smile on her face.

When she lost her hair she didn’t fret about it. The family turned it into a celebration for Mother’s Day. And when it came time for surgery to remove the cancerous breast tissue the City and Schools of Ballinger made sure she knew she wasn’t in this fight alone.

Jodie has been an organizer of countless sendoff’s for students and others around the town for over 30 years. This time was for her. Myron went to the Treadmill and loaded her up unknowing what was to happen. When they arrived at Ballinger High School they were greeted with a police and fire department escort. The Mighty Ballinger Bearcat Band marched them around the school playing the Fight Song among many other numerous songs all while students lined the road at all three campuses. Pink was in abundance, there were signs made, students clapping and waving as they finally had their chance to return the favor of over 30 years of love given back. Jodie and Myron were also greeted downtown by numerous businesses and customers all with the same well wishes.

We stand with you Jodie!

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