Hello to All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  All things considered.  Had to drive Judy into the doctors office four days last week.  Then I had to go in one day for me.  I had to go in to oblige my doctor and come in to get a scan of my chest.  That was Monday and I still haven’t heard what the test revealed, if anything.  Seems to me if it is urgent that I come in right away and get this test, it would be of interest to me.  Guess I have to wait and find out if it was important or not.  Judy called her doctors office about some test three weeks ago.  They called her back early this morning and gave her the results.

Seems to me if I can drive to San Angelo from Talpa five days in a row, they could return the effort and drive out here one day. They don’t see it that way.

With the wet weather and wind, I just didn’t get out to do any mowing.

Judy called her yard man in Ballinger and he came out and caught me up on mowing.   His name is Tommy.  Did a good job.  He brought another guy with him to do the weed eating while he mowed.  Didn’t take to long at all.

We have three vehicles. My F150, Judy’s little Pontiac convertible and that Nissan pickup.  The dash lights came on in the pickup so we took it  in to the shop.   Something about the catalytic   converter was not doing the job.  Said that three units out of four were out.  Then the battery on the Pontiac was dead.  I was able to jump it off and we took it in to the dealer.  They put in a new battery and It still wouldn’t start.  Leave it there and drive my old Ford.  It has 217,+++ miles on it.  Still chugging alone.   They called us about the Pontiac and said it was something simple,  like a piece of cardboard dropped between the clutch and a sensor that tells it the clutch is in and ok to start.  Went and picked it up.

Still waiting to hear about the Nissan.

So that is the way it goes out here in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Tala Bob

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