Hello To All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Well some of it.  I think in the past I mentioned an old tomcat that was hanging around here.  Had gummy eyes and squinted to see.  Named him after the guy on Rawhide, Pea Eye.

We had some trouble to begin with.  He was moving my cats off of their plate and eating their food.  I had given him his own plate.  So, I was moving him over with my hand and he reached around and bit me.  To the bone.  Had to go to emergency room and get tetnus shot.  I still was willing to feed him, just don’t bother my kids or bite me.  Last Sunday  I was going to pet Angel and noticed that on her throat, low down, there was a hole in her throat the size of a silver dollar.   Tried to call for four hours to the places that advertised 24/7 emergency care. Yeah right. Got one place in San Angelo , had a recording to call another number.  Right.

Well , finally someone did call but suggested I come in on Monday.  No choice.  Got there Monday morning and got her stitched up and a big antibiotic shot.   Found her on Tuesday and one of the stitches had pulled out.  Call the vet.  Come in on Wednesday.  Ok.  Drive to San Angelo again and get that stitch put back in.  She is good to go now.  On Monday night I set the live trap with a whole can of cat food open in the back of the trap.

Tuesday morning I had old Pea Eye trapped.  I was standing there cussing and kicking the cage and my neighbor asked what the problem was.  He told me to go in the house and have a cup of coffee and he would take care of it.  About an hour or so he came back, without the cat.  I asked about it and he said that old Pea Eye had been deported , to another county, with extreme prejudice. Good enough.

Our great grand Bubba is about to have a birthday and Christmas.  Judy found a pair of boots that will fit him pretty good.  They are good looking boots, better than mine.  Has rubber soles and heel.  Won’t slip  like leather.  Judy called and told them that I mailed them on Friday and when they get there to go ahead and let him wear them.  He doesn’t know one day is any better than any other.  Besides, we want to see a pic of him wearing his cowboy boots, just like his dad.  So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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