Hello To All:

It has been a quiet week out here.  Nice spring weather.  Said before, if this is global warming, yahoo, give us some more.  Summers will be a bit more warm but over 100  it doesn’t matter much.

I got a chance to visit with a relative that I have not seen in a very long time.  Ok, my mother had one sister, Gladys.  She had two daughters, Kathryn and Margaret.  Margaret couldn’t say sister.  It came out Teastie.

So, she was ever after called Teastie.  Kathryn had a rep of driving a little fast.  They called her Speedy .   Prophetic name, she missed one of those New Mexico curves and cashed it all in.  Before that, Teastie and Speedy grew up and each had a daughter. Teastie’s daughter was named Cheryl  and Speed’s  was Valorie.  Sadly,  now Speedy and her daughter Val are gone.

I received a call last Sunday from Cheryl. Said that she and her grand daughter, Abriena  were going to drive to Houston and stop over in Abilene for the night and break up the drive.  I said great, can we drive over and meet up?  Sure and she gave me the motel and room #.  They were to stop there on Tuesday evening.   Judy and I drove the 50 or so miles to Abilene to meet them.   The last time I recall for certain sure that I saw her was back in the late 1950’s.   She said that she was at my brother Ben’s house visiting maybe 20 years ago.  I have no recallation of that.  If we had passed on the street, I would not have recognized her.  She said that I resembled her son, Ross.  She showed me a pic and he looks more like me than I do.  His younger brother looks like my brother Ben did at that age.  One of the main things is, Teastie is the last one with knowledge of names and dates of birth and deaths from that branch of the family tree.  She promised to try and sit down and draw up the family tree as she can remember.  Then we both had a great two and a half hours telling what all has happened to us.   I truly did miss knowing a very nice lady and cousin in not knowing Cheryl as we grew up.  We finally needed to leave and let them get some rest before they drove to Houston the next day.  If she has the time on the return trip, she promised to give me a call and we could get in a couple more hours of family history.  That aside, we can call with no problem now that we both have cell phones.  Just to say “hello how are you doing” if nothing else.

The number of my living relatives is getting smaller by the day.  I do hope that we can stay in touch.

So it goes in our quiet little corner of Coleman County.

Talpa Bob

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