After a very successful resurgence in the Ballinger Powerlifting program, thanks to Coach Isaiah Regeon, Ballinger was able to advance 20 total lifters to the Regional Meets. In order to advance to Regional competition you have to be a top 12 lifter in your weightclass within the Region. Just advancing to the Regional Meet is quite an accomplishment of itself. Advancing to the State Meet is even tougher because only the top two from each Region advance to the State Competition. Ballinger was able to advance two of the nine female lifters to state and three of the eleven male lifters.

Alyssa Aguero won the 105# class and heads to state in 4th place, just 30# behind 1st. Alyssa has a very good shot at medaling and at least a punchers chance to bring home a state title.

In the 114# class Elaine Zhuang finished Regionals with a 5th place medal. Her total was enough to be tied for 13th in state, but she will not be advancing. Just a freshman look for Elaine to grace many more medal stands in the coming years.

Also in the 114# class is Skyla Hostetter. Skyla finished in 7th place, but will also be coming back next year with a year of experience behind her.

In the 123# class Emma Rutledge is another name to watch for in the future. Finishing in 7th at Regionals Emma, a sophomore, has started a great foundation to continue to build upon.

Loveli Sanders finished her Regionals in 8th place, but as a Freshman Loveli has plenty of time to continue racking up medals.

Kira Garcia and Abby Herrera finished 6th and 10th in the 148# class and Yesenia Avila finished 11th in the 165# class. Both Abby and Yesenia will be Juniors next year with some experience behind them now.

Brianna Herrera was able to win the 181#class and sits third in the state. She will look to further her resume with a medal finish at the State Meet.


Not to be outdone the girls, the boys sent a large representation to the Regional Meet also. Eleven total lifters for Ballinger went to Sundown.

Brady Clinton is another one of Coach Regeon’s surprising Freshman lifters. In the 114# class Brady finished in 10th place. Look for Brady to make some medal stands in the coming years as he gains more strength and experience.

In the 123# class Javion Zavala just missed the medals as he finished in 6th place. On his last attempt he tried jumping into 5th place, but it wasn’t meant to be.

The 165# class was a battle with 2nd, 3rd and 4th being separated by 15 pounds after the squat and bench. After pushing to their limits it was not meant to be for Ballinger as Jayden Fuentes finished his powerlifting career in 3rd place and Junior, Nathan McDuffee finished in 5th, giving Ballinger their first two medalists.

The 181# class for Ballinger was a little unexpected. Zach Canada, a state hopeful, had an unfortunate bomb out on the squat to end his competition early. However, all was not lost on the medal stand as Monte McKinnon fought his way to a 4th place finish.

The 198# class was not without its own excitement. After completing squat and bench, going into the deadlift, Daniel Medina was 30# behind 2nd place. He was able to pull 505# to vault himself into 2nd place and punch his ticket to the State Meet. Jonathan Wheeler and Aidan Knight both finished off the medal stand, but competed well coming in 6th and 8th.

In the 242# class Landyn McIntyre almost completed a comeback, but finished five pounds behind first place. Landyn was awarded Oustanding Deadlifter for the heavyweight classifications and is looking for a medal stand finish at the State Meet. Less than 100# behind 1st in state anything is possible in this sport.

For the final medalist of the boys it was Markus Castleberry in the 308# class. Markus set new Regional Records in the 308’s with a 405# bench press and a 510# deadlift. He almost completed the hat trick, but was not able to complete the record breaking squat. He also set a new record for total weight at the meet.

The boys were able to finish in 2nd place as a total team, which is quite the accomplishment considering the program was all, but defunct a year ago. Coached by Isaiah Regeon and Marvin Wilson, as well as assisted by former Ballinger student and powerlifter Divad Briones-Mata, the studetns were able to achieve and exceed expectations.

Alyssa and Brianna will be competing in Corpus Christi Thursday, March 17th. Daniel, Landyn and Markus will be competing in Abilene Saturday, March 26th.

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