(Photo provided by Christy Zhuang)

Favorite sports moment: First varsity football start vs Brady when I threw for 303 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Years involved in selected sport: I have played golf for 2 years.

Career Postseason Awards (All-sports): Football- Bi-District champion; Academic All-state; 2nd team All-district cornerback; 1st team All-district kicker

What does being selected to the FCA All-star mean to you: This is a great honor to be selected. I have always tried to compete and honor the lord. To be selected to compete at Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a great opportunity to do that on a big stage.

Message to Briley from Mom and Dad: You being selected to play on the FCA All-Star golf team is a perfect reflection of you and your character. Through the years, we have watched you have faith and trust in the Lord that has amazed us! In all the successes, disappointments, and everything in between you have always put it in the Lord’s hands. We have watched you live life with so much passion and your passion for the game of golf is just as big (if not bigger)! We are excited to see you play in the FCA All-Star golf tourney to finish your high school athletic career…..can’t think of a more fitting end than this!

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