o  SMX we are a temp to hire for Buddy’s Plant Plus
o  Been here since July of 2020
o  We are Community Oriented
o  We held a Food drive and received over 230 items donated from our SMX and Buddy’s employees, that we donated to our local Ballinger Cares
o  We also held a clothing drive where we received over 100 items to donate from our SMX employees to Ballinger Cares
o  We have partnered with Rust Street Ministries to be able to give a few of our associates, that were afoot, bikes to get to and from work
o  We participated in our local Ethnic festival, where we engaged with the children in painting pots and planting seeds.
o  We care about our associates and always try to go above and beyond to help on any way possible.
o  We make sure to engage with our associates 
o  We are a proud sponsor of KRUN
o  We donated candy and volunteered at the local Easter Hunt
o  We are looking forward to participating in the local Trunk or Treat

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