North Runnels Hospital Update: District’s Future Uncertain as Outside Company Assumes Control of Local Nursing Home


North Runnels Hospital Update: District's Future Uncertain as Outside Company Assumes Control of Local Nursing Home

WINTERS, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The future of rural healthcare in Winters was a critical topic on Monday evening as the North Runnels Hospital Board convened to decide which services to retain and which to cut for financial reasons.

During the meeting, the board considered closing various medical facilities, including the hospital, nursing home, and emergency services. However, residents of Runnels County attended to advocate for keeping these essential services.

“It felt like… everything was on the table in this meeting,” said Doug Wheat, a resident who was present.

Nicholas Lewis, the hospital district’s CEO, explained that the district has been spending more money than it has been receiving since the COVID-19 pandemic, which officially ended over a year ago.

The North Runnels County Health District is grappling with financial difficulties, risking potential closures. In an April meeting, the board postponed decisions, hoping a buyer would emerge for the nursing home. At Monday’s meeting, it was announced that an external company would assume management and financial responsibilities for the nursing home.

While the overall future of the hospital district remains uncertain, Wheat expressed satisfaction with the board’s openness: “Public input at the beginning was good. They gave an additional spot there at the end for people to speak.”

The new management company is expected to take over by mid-June, although an exact transition timeline has not been set. will continue to monitor local rural healthcare developments. Stay with us for the latest updates.

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