Trackdown: Assist in Identifying Keylon Brown’s Killers 2024

Ballinger News Staff

DALLAS – A tragic and senseless act of violence has left a father of two dead after he was ambushed from behind. Dallas detectives are seeking the public’s help to identify and apprehend his killers.

The shooting occurred on June 7, shortly after midnight, at an apartment complex located at 1301 West Wheatland in the Red Bird area.

Keylon Brown, the victim, had just dropped off his family and was in the process of parking his vehicle. According to Dallas Police Detective Theodore Gross, Brown was unaware that his life was about to be brutally cut short.

“As he was parking his vehicle, a silver sedan, which we believe to be a Lexus, possibly a 2004 model, parked outside of the complex,” said Det. Gross. “Three suspects, dressed in all black, exited the vehicle.”

The three assailants, armed with a pistol and a rifle, had been waiting for Brown. “He had just dropped off his family. As he was getting his property out of his car, another video shows them staging behind a building, waiting for him,” Gross explained. “When they saw their opportunity, two of the three suspects walked up to him and, with his back turned, they executed him.”

Keylon Brown was a devoted father of two, including a newborn. He was working hard to get his life back on track and was dedicated to taking care of his family. Detective Gross expressed the senselessness of the crime, stating, “He was trying to get his life back together and was taking care of his family, doing the right thing. And these people showed up and decided they were going to end that.”

The police are now urging the public to assist in identifying the silver Lexus sedan and any individuals involved in this heinous crime. Witnesses at the complex have reported seeing the vehicle in the area earlier that week. Det. Gross emphasized the importance of public assistance, saying, “We need the public’s help to identify the silver Lexus sedan. Witnesses here at the complex say they have seen that vehicle here recently this week. We need them to help identify that as well as anybody who was involved in this offense.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Detective Gross at (469) 792-5142 or via email at [email protected].

At this time, the motive for the ambush remains unknown. Detective Gross described the attack as a premeditated and cold-blooded ambush. “We don’t have any reason as to why this happened yet. But from what we can tell, this was an ambush. This was a horrific incident that happened to Mr. Brown,” he said.

The community is left in shock and mourning, as they remember Keylon Brown as a loving father and a man striving to better his life. The Dallas Police Department continues to investigate, seeking justice for Brown and his family.

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