Galveston County Teenager Le Andra Tristan Missing for a Week After Vanishing from Home

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Le Andra Tristan missing- Galveston County teenager hasn’t been seen for a week after vanishing from home

Dickinson, Texas – A Galveston County teenager, Le Andra Tristan, disappeared from her home on Barbados Calle in the middle of the night last week and has not been seen or heard from since.

The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office informed KPRC 2 on Tuesday that while Tristan’s disappearance is concerning, it is not yet considered suspicious.

“We want her back home. It’s caused so much pain,” said her mother, Pauline Espinoza, in an interview with KPRC 2’s Bryce Newberry.

Tristan, who recently graduated early from Dickinson High School, had plans to start college courses and pursue a nursing career. On June 4, Espinoza recounted that Tristan asked for a Q-tip and dental floss around bedtime, marking their last conversation. By morning, Tristan had vanished.

Espinoza noted that the front door was still locked and Tristan’s cell phone, house key, and driver’s license were left behind. Surveillance cameras did not capture her departure.

“If she left voluntarily, I think I would have had answers by now,” Espinoza remarked. “She comes from a good home. There’s no reason for her to be gone, especially this long with no clues.”

Espinoza mentioned that there has been no activity on Tristan’s social media accounts, and a thorough search of her phone revealed no messages indicating a plan to leave. The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office has classified Tristan as a runaway, though she has no history of running away. Her mother finds it unlikely given Tristan’s excitement about her future plans.

Tristan missed an appointment with an academic advisor on Friday, adding to her mother’s concern. Without any devices on her, investigators are unable to track her movements as they typically would with missing persons.

Detectives plan to knock on doors in the neighborhood and are urging neighbors to check their surveillance cameras for footage from last Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, said GCSO Capt. James Roy.

“I want her back. She’s a part of me, you know. This is so hard,” Espinoza expressed. “Every day is hard. I’m waiting for that phone to ping.”

Anyone with information can report tips anonymously to Galveston County Crime Stoppers at 409-763-TIPS or call Galveston County dispatch at 409-766-2322, option 2.

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